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Thrislington Flow Touchless Cubicles

The Future is Now-Introducing Thrislington Flow TOUCHLESS Cubicles

While cleanliness has always been a goal in public restroom design, coronavirus increased the need and expectation for hygienic, sterile, and safe environments.  Touchless bathroom fixtures, which were a growing trend before the pandemic have now become a necessity.  Research shows that 84% of Americans want touchless fixtures in public restrooms so they can avoid touching levers, handles, buttons and other surfaces that many other people are touching.  In the quest for a 100% touch-free restroom, the most difficult component to make hands-free has been the cubicle door-until now!  

Create the ultimate hygienic washroom with Thrislington Flow Touchless Cubicles. A discrete sensor acts as an indicator removing the need for a conventional handle and lock.  Once an approach is made, the door will elegantly open and then close and lock behind the user.  Perfect engineering makes high-touch doorways hands-free preventing germ transfer.  

This innovation is an investment in a maximum hygienic user experience that combines design, convenience, and germ prevention in one product.  As more consumers make a conscious decision to choose a business based on restroom cleanliness, touchless technology provides the experience they desire.  Touchless cubicles are the final element in a fully touchless restroom.

 Available in four finishes-Glass, Wood, Metallic, and Laminate

Best of NeoCon 2022 Silver Award Winner 

Interior Design HiP 2022 Finalist

Product Features

  • Hand Proximity Sensors Fully integrated access system that offers door control from the exterior and interior of the cubicle using hand proximity sensors. Externally, the sensors are located on the fascia between cubicle doors.
  • Discrete Electromagnetic Locking System - Headrail houses both stainless steel pivot blocks and discrete electromagnetic locking system providing users with security during use. The system runs using 24 volt electrical power using a transformer from the main power source.
    The system will automatically disengage to allow manual opening of the door should a power failure occur in the building.
  • Internal Sensor Internally the sensor is fitted to the Sentry integrated panel system. Components tested over a cycle of 100,000 operations, equating to a 5 year period in a medium use washroom.
  • LED Indicator - Additional LED occupancy indicators mounted within the fascia at height to assist with reducing queues in long run of cubicles or other high traffic applications. The system can be supplied with a mobile app to enable data collection on usage and to provide building operators control of the cubicle unlock/lock system for emergency or maintenance. 



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