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Home Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Protecting your commercial property from fire is a priority for any business owner. Commercial fire extinguishers are an important part of any emergency action plan. Properly maintained safety equipment an save lives and offer protection against significant damage to your building. Our fire extinguishers meet standards set by the NFPA and will work great for any businesses fire protection plans.  Most of our portable extinguishers will fit inside standard fire extinguisher cabinets found in many kitchens and offices. Commercial kitchen fire extinguishers can be classified into three categories: Class A, B and C. Each class provides different levels of protection from various sources of ignition.

We carry JL Industries Fire Extinguishers & Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, which provide a variety of fire extinguishers including Multi-Purpose, Dry Chemical, Class K, Haotron®, Carbon Dioxide, and Water. 

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