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Choosing the best commercial hand dryer for your public restroom is an important decision with many variables to consider. Noise level, drying time, cost savings are all important aspects to consider. No matter what type of commercial hand dryer you are looking for, Prestige Distribution has you covered. We carry a full line of best electric hand dryers for your commercial bathroom, including ASI, Dyson, American, World Dryer, Comac, and many other

Automatic Hand Dryer Features

Many of our top of the line wall mounted automatic hand dryers come with the features your customers expect, like:

  • Dryers with Beautiful Stainless Steel Finishes
  • Reduced Noise Levels 
  • Powerful High-Speed Hand Drying 
  • Reliable Automatic Infrared Sensors

Making the switch to efficient automatic hand dryers is an easy decision. Bathroom hand dryers can eliminate the cost of purchasing and restocking traditional paper towel dispensers

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