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Blowing Away the Competition: Excel Dryer vs. Paper Towels in Sustainable Restroom Practices

*We did not author this blog, but we are sharing it on our website as it originates from a trusted vendor whose work we support.*

In the ongoing debate over health in the restroom, one question often arises in the post-pandemic world- are hand dryers as efficient as paper towels? According to recent scientific studies, including one from the University of Arizona Health Sciences, the answer is yes! These findings, using data from 23 peer-reviewed articles, discover that high-quality hand dryers, such as those from Excel Dryer, are just as effective as paper towels in upholding proper hand hygiene. 

Despite several common misconceptions, modern hand dryers are designed to be exceptionally efficient in upholding health. Excel Dryer's products specifically are equipped with electronic HEPA (eHEPA) filtration systems that remove 99.999% of viruses and 99.97% of bacteria from the air stream before it touches your hands—this technology stands up to the myth that hand dryers can’t match the performance of paper towels, which in contrast may harbor germs even before use. 

The issue of cost-efficiency is also a key factor to consider, as traditional paper towel dispensers are an ongoing expense. Proper “maintenance” requires purchasing the towels, restocking dispensers, disposing of bacteria-heavy waste, and even dealing with clogs. In contrast, Excel Dryer’s own touchless XLERATOR® hand dryers offer up to 95% cost savings in the long run, proving not only a markdown in overall costs but also in long-term fees as well.

Additionally, the ecological argument for hand dryers over paper towels is crucial to note. Paper towels require continuous supply chain movement—from production to transport to eventual waste disposal—which significantly impacts carbon footprints (did you know humans dispose of enough solid waste to fill more than 800,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools in a year?) Hand dryers, once installed, require minimal maintenance and create no waste in stark contrast, meeting the sustainability needs of any facility looking to reduce their environmental impact. 

The previously mentioned eHEPA filters also comply with the WELL Building Standard, focusing on enhancing human health and environmental conditions through better building practices. Furthermore, these dryers also earn LEED credits, as they promote energy efficiency and reduce waste, supporting certifiably green and sustainable architectural standards.

The choice between paper towels and hand dryers takes more than just personal preference into account; it requires consideration of hygiene, cost, environmental impact, as well as overall sustainability in the long term. With lower operational costs, a smaller environmental footprint and proven research to back it up, hand dryers, including those domestically manufactured by Excel Dryer, stand out from the crowd as the leading choice for a green future.

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