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Tiny Hiders Partitions:

Prestige Distribution, Inc. proudly furnishes and installs Scranton Products Hiny Hiders Toilet Partitions. Constructed from premium, American-made 1" solid HDPE (high density polyethylene) with a solid color throughout, Scranton Products Hiny Hider's commercial bathroom partitions lay claim to one of the longest life cycles in the industry. With Hiny Hiders, you're investing in a worry-free product hat will save you time and money. Hiny Hiders solid plastic partitions resist dents, scratches, corrosion, and moisture. Hiny Hiders will never rust or delaminate. Graffiti from pencils, pens, paint, stickers, and most markers is easily removed. Additionally they are impervious to mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria and stand up to power washing, steam cleaning, and common chemicals. Whatever your fire rating needs are, Hiny Hider Partitions have the material to match. Environmentally friendly, Hiny Hiders are made of 25-100% pre-consumer recycled content, are GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold Certified, and contribute points towards LEED certification. Customers have the freedom to create unique, attractive spaces in three ADA-compliant configurations. All this and backed by a 25-year warranty for years of everyday low maintenance.

Classic Color Collection

Choose any of these popular, versatile colors from Classic Collection to achieve a crisp, clean look matching any style or decor. The Classic Collection is most often selected in Orange Peel or EX textures.

Metallic Color Collection

If you’re looking for the toughness of solid plastic with the brilliance of metal, look no further than the new Metallic Collection. For optimal realism, choose a Hammered or Rotary Brushed texture.

Mosaic Color Collection

Add natural beauty and depth to any design with the Mosaic Collection. The speckled nature of these patterns really comes through when combined with Orange Peel texture.

Designer Color Collection

These are the newest, trend-setting additions to Scranton's Hiny Hider color palette. These rich Designer shades lend a distinctly modern feel to any interior.  To enhance a bold, contemporary look, consider pairing the Designer Collection with the Contour texture.


Promising a clean, modern and distinctive look and feel, all Scranton partitions are available with a choice of five unique textures.  By reducing signs of wear and deterring graffiti, these surface textures will keep any interior looking great for years to come.

To complement the appearance of your interior, Scranton Products offers an array of great-looking hardware options. Whichever style you choose, rest assured it will match the toughness of its partitions and deliver years of worry-free service.

The Standard Hardware Collection


The Regal Hardware Collection

The Regal Collection provides modern bold design elements, along with the choice of three beautiful colors. Perfect for adding a uniquely handsome and upscale finish to your bathroom stall. The Regal Collection is provided in Frost, Ember, and Smoke colors. 


The Stealth Hardware Collection

The Stealth Collection provides a clean, modern approach while still featuring the strength and support you would expect from Scranton Products. It's the perfect hardware match for a space seeking a demure design aesthetic.

Key Features

      • Durable HDPE material
      • Large selection of colors and textures
      • Customizable Partitions & Engraveable
      • Fire Rating Options
      • Three ADA Compliant Configurations
      • 25-Year Warranty
      • Easy Graffiti Removal
      • Graffiti is easily wiped clean with a common, nonabrasive cleaner.
      • Cleaner & Healthier Restrooms
      • Scranton Products partitions showed a significant decrease in Influenza, Human rhinovirus and Human Coronavirus viral activity within 24hrs of exposure*. Scranton Products partitions are naturally resistant to common bacteria including MRSA and a.baumannii which can cause Pneumonia*. According to testing, Scranton Products partitions are highly effective at reducing MRSA and a.baumannii. Testing has shown that after 24 hours, a significant amount of MRSA died off the surface of solid plastic without the use of cleaning solutions or antimicrobial additives.
        Scranton Products partitions inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction on the partition surfaces. What’s more impressive is that the partitions resist bacteria, viruses, odors, moisture, and mildew.
    • No Painting
    • Hiny Hiders Partitions are solid color throughout and will never require painting.
    • Sustainable
    • Made of recycled material & by not requiring to be repainted, you’ll help increase the air quality without the harmful emissions from chemical paint.

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