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(847) 480-7667 | Your Trusted Commercial Building Product Supplier Since 2004!

Scranton Products - Eclipse Toilet Partitions

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Eclipse Partitions:

Eclipse Partitions are the future of restroom partitions that offer both innovative design aesthetics and durable performance.

The clean lines of this system provide a contemporary look to any bathroom decor. The high privacy design delivers enhanced privacy above traditional partitions.

Combining innovative aesthetics with durable performance, Eclipse Partitions' minimum sight design offers advanced privacy. The contemporary look and extensive color and texture collections are sure to enhance your facility decor.

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Sleek & Sophisticated Design
  • Hidden Hardware for Clean Aesthetics
  • Durable HDPE Material
  • 27 Color & Texture Options

Design Features

Corrosion Resistant

Small diameter corrosion resistant aluminum post minimizes contact with floor and ease of cleaning.

Angled Door Edges

Angled door edges for enhanced privacy.

Hidden Hardware for Clean Aesthetics

No unsightly hardware visible from outside of stalls.

Height Options

Available in three panel height options: standard (55 inches), privacy (62 inches), and high privacy (72 inches)

Match Any Decor

Select from an array of colors and textures only found at Scranton Products.

Restroom Stalls Features

The sleek and sophisticated Scranton Eclipse Partitions feature a minimum sight design, which carefully conceals the hinges and hardware on the inside of the stall to provide an uninterrupted view of the innovative aesthetics. Not only do the concealed hinges add to the smooth appearance of the Eclipse bathroom stalls, but the hinges are easily adjustable and provide a smooth and easy close compared to other restroom partitions.

Why Eclipse Partitions

Scranton Products’ Eclipse Partitions provide a great degree of privacy, as well as strong structural integrity and a up-scale aesthetic. The custom designed metal framing system adds ease to installation, while hiding the hardware from the stalls’ exteriors. These customer designed partitions are also available in more than 27 different color options and textures, so finding a match with your bathroom’s design shouldn’t be too difficult. Custom designed partition hardware combined with HDPE plastic partition panels provides outstanding durability.

    • No Painting

Eclipse Partitions are solid color throughout and will never require painting.

    • Easy Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is easily wiped clean with a common, nonabrasive cleaner.

    • Cleaner & Healthier Restrooms

Impermeable to moisture, Eclipse Partitions solid plastic’s non-porous surface does not support the growth of mold & mildew and will never rust.

    • Unsurpassed Durability

Superior impact and dent resistance to competitive materials.

    • Sustainable

Made of recycled material & by not requiring to be repainted, you’ll help increase the air quality without the harmful emissions from chemical paint.

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