JL Industries FS05C Sentinel Fire Extinguisher Portable Handheld Carbon Dioxide 5 lbs.


SKU: FS05C JL Industries


Feature a sturdy and ergonomic fire extinguisher in your building premises with this high-end FS05 JL Industries Fire Extinguishers model. This fire extinguisher uses liquid carbon dioxide, which is stored under pressure and can be released once the lever is squeezed tightly. The working mechanism is quite simple and could be applied in daily use manually. The device is electrically non- conductive can be stored at various places without having to worry about safety.


  • Lightweight and robust build
  • Easy to use mechanism
  • Aluminum cylinder with O-ring seal
  • Rust free sentinel
  • 30% lighter than CO2 units with steel cylinders.
  • Capacity: 5, 10, 15, 20 lbs.
  • CLASS B, C Fires


Brand JL Industries
Product Type Fire Extinguisher
Capacity 5 lbs.
Color Red
Manufacturer Part Number FS05C
Collection Sentinel
Valve Material Brass
Cylinder Material Aluminum
Extinguisher Class B, C
Extinguisher Type Carbon Dioxide
Pressure Type High
Temperature Range -22 deg. F - 120 deg. F
Cylinder Diameter 5.25"
Width 8.25"
Height 17.75"
Warranty 5 Years
Certification and Listings USCG, UL (5B:C), CAN/ULC-S503, ANSI/UL154, CAN/ULC-S508-ANSI/UL711

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