JL Industries FG055C Galaxy Fire Extinguisher Portable Handheld Dry Chemical 5.5 lbs.


SKU: FG055C JL Industries


Use the galaxy portable handheld fire extinguisher equipped with a siliconized sodium bicarbonate base, the trusted traditional industry chemical. The chemical is non-toxic and does not bake to a metal surface at high temperatures, making cleanup easy. This industry-standard chemical is suited for flammable liquid hazard areas like manufacturing factories or vehicle service centers.


  • Durable steel cylinder with sturdy metal valve
  • Visual pressure gauge for transparency
  • Corrosion and impact-resistant finish
  • Siphon tube with replaceable molded valve stem seal
  • Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires.
  • Available in different sizes ( 2.5/5/5.5/6/10/20 lbs.)


Brand JL Industries
Product Type Fire Extinguisher
Capacity 5.5 lbs.
Color Red
Manufacturer Part Number FG055C
Collection Galaxy
Valve Material Aluminum
Cylinder Material Chrome
Extinguisher Class B, C
Extinguisher Type Dry Chemical
Pressure Type Visual Pressure Gauge
Temperature Range -65 deg. F - 120 deg. F
Cylinder Diameter 4.25"
Width 7.25"
Height 16.37"
Warranty 6 Years
Certification and Listings USCG, UL (40B:C), CAN/ULC-S504, ANSI/UL299, CAN/ULC S508, ANSI/UL711

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