JL Industries FE10V Orbit Fire Extinguisher Multi Purpose Dry Chemical 10 lbs.


SKU: FE10V JL Industries


The Orbit Fire Extinguisher is as much as 40 percent slimmer than traditional 10-lb. models, allowing for more efficient and elegant building design. It is the only 10-lb. fire extinguisher that is always compliant with ADA protruding object regulations and local building codes.


  • Non-conductor of electricity
  • Non-toxic
  • Visual pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel pull pin
  • Handles, bracket and button hook
  • Durable powder coat finish


Brand JL Industries
Product Type Fire Extinguisher
Capacity 10 lbs.
Color Red
Manufacturer Part Number FE10V
Collection Orbit
Value Material Aluminum
Extinguisher Class A,B,C
Extinguisher Type Dry Chemical
Pressure Type Visual Pressure Gauge
Temperature Range -40 deg. F - 120 deg. F
Cylinder Diameter 3"
Width 11"
Height 22"
Mounting Bracket Surface or 3.25” Depth Cabinet
Warranty 6 Years
Certification and Listings USCG, UL (4-A:80-B:C), CAN/ULC-S504 — ANSI/UL299 & CAN/ULC S508 — ANSI/UL71

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