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Hadrian Powder Coated Metal Toilet Partition

by Hadrian
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Prestige Distribution, Inc. furnishes and installs Powder Coated Metal Toilet Partitions manufactured by Hadrian, Inc. With a low cost and high performance, Hadrian powder coated toilet partitions are an industry best value. Hadrian utilizes the latest powder coating technology to apply a hard, even, and run-free finish that resists impact, rusting, abrasions, chemicals, detergents and acids. Should vandalism occur, power coated toilet partitions can be easily repaired. With a proven ASTM D6587 resistance to materials such as permanent marker, lipstick, water based ink marker, wax crayon, and spray paint, Hadrian's anti-graffiti toilet partitionsallow the use of commercial graffiti removers without damage to its surface or a "ghost" of the graffiti left behind! Made of 50% recycled materials and no solvent emissions, Hadrian's powder coating system is also environmentally friendly. With a Class A fire rating, Hadrian powder coated toilet partitions are fireproof and will not give off toxic smoke if exposed to heat or flame. With a multitude of styles, mountings, colors, and upgrades, Hadrian Power Coated Metal Toilet Partitions are an excellent choice for those not willing to compromise design flexibility for durability and value. Hadrian offers a 3-year warranty on its powder coated metal toilet partitions.

Hadrian's "No-Sightline Solution" completely eliminates all sightline gaps around doors with full height continuous stops and hinge side fillers. There are no exposed fasteners on the exterior, which promotes a clean, unobtrusive appearance.


  • Full height continuous stop distributes force evenly along the door
  • Continuous stop includes a full height rubber bumper to deaden sound and protect against wear
  • Metal keeper ensures secure latching and long lasting performance
  • Extruded aluminum components are available in powder coated
  • Available for standard, Elite, Elite Plus, Elite Max toilet partitions
  • Can be used in new and preexisting installations
  • A heavy-duty continuous hinge can be used in place of the hinge side filler for extra strength


Hadrian’s Standard Series features 58" high doors and panels, which are mounted 12" off the finished floor.


Hadrian’s Elite Series offers increased privacy with 64” high doors and panels, mounted just 6" from the finished floor.  Continuous channels eliminate all sightline gaps.

Elite Plus

Taking the Elite Series concept a step further, Hadrian’s Elite Plus System affords maximum privacy with 72" high doors and 76" high panels, mounted just 6" from the finished floor. Continuous channels eliminate all sightline gaps.

Elite Max

92" high and mounted 4", 6" and 9" AFF. Completely eliminates sightline gaps. Design oriented and easy floor maintenance. Easy to maintain, durable and fire resistant. Light-weight material and the right design simplify installation.

Headrail Braced

Headrail braced compartments are a great choice for virtually any facility. These units are especially recommended in heavy-use areas such as schools, institutions and industrial settings. The anti-grip top rail deters boisterous activity while ensuring a rigid and secure installation.

Ceiling Hung

Ceiling hung units present a clean, contemporary appearance. They permit quick, easy floor maintenance, especially when combined with wall-hung fixtures. Ceiling hung partitions are recommended for modernization where a drop ceiling or open span construction can be used.

Floor Mounted

The clean lines of floor mounted units lend an air of spaciousness to these installations. The absence of top structure makes them the ideal choice for high ceiling areas and allows a wide range of complementary architectural and interior decoration possibilities.

Floor to Ceiling

Floor to ceiling units are extremely strong and resistant to abuse as they are securely connected to the floor, ceiling and walls. This configuration is ideal for high abuse areas and installations that require extra durability.

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