Bradley 9537-78 Shower Curtain Antimicrobial Vinyl 78"H - White


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The Bradley 9537 antimicrobial shower curtain is great to create a compartment between the shower space and bath utility area and contain water splashes. Its nylon-reinforced PVC vinyl fabric offers microbial resistant, flame resistant, stain resistant and self-deodorizing properties to maintain a sterile environment in spaces like hospitals. This 9-ounce shower curtain comes in a universally neutral white shade to compliment subtle look in bath space. It features hemmed top edge with aluminum grommets on 6-inch centers.


  • Ideal for hospitals due to its antimicrobial and self-deodorizing sterile properties
  • White shade to suit neutral bath look
  • Made of nylon-reinforced PVC vinyl fabric to offer flame and stain resistance
  • Features hemmed top edges with aluminum grommets
  • Shower hooks to be purchased separately


Brand Bradley
Product Type Shower Curtain
Finish White
Manufacturer Part Number 9537-3678; 9537-4278; 9537-4878; 9537-6078; 9537-7278
Material Vinyl
Width 36"; 42"; 48"; 60"; 72"
Height 78"

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