Bobrick B2111-79 SureFlo Retrofit Soap Dispenser Valve


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Get the durability of stainless steel complemented with luxury satin finish with this B2111-79 Bobrick SureFlo Retrofit Valve. It is flawless and designed for sensitive force. This Bobrick SureFlo Retrofit Valve operates with not less than 5 lbs of force and is built for a user-friendly experience. Tested for rigorous use, this retrofit valve has withstood high pressure and comes in leak-proof feature for ceaseless flow. Get one for your store and rinse in luxury looks.


  • Satin smooth stainless steel finish
  • Operates with less force
  • Can be fixed with more than ten models
  • Black colored push button makes it more classy


Brand Bobrick
Product Type Soap Dispenser Valve
Manufacturer Part Number B2111-79
Collection SureFlo
Material Stainless Steel
Certification and Listing ADAAG