ASI Accurate Toilet Partitions - Stainless Steel




Stainless steel toilet partitions provide a modern look and retain their beauty indefinitely. By adding a textured finish, increased resistance to vandalism can be achieved. Available in all four mounting styles.


  • Stainless Steel Stirrup Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Door Hardware
  • Wood Core
  • Continuous Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Continuous Piano Hinges
  • Ultimate Privacy


Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced:

This economical and sturdy mounting style installs just about anywhere. An anodized aluminum anti-grip head rail secures partitions firmly to the walls.

Floor Anchored:

Simplified construction permits ease of installation anywhere. For concrete floors only: 2" minimum penetration into floor required.

Ceiling Hung:

When used together with wall-hung fixtures, the entire floor is accessible for efficient cleaning. Structural steel ceiling supports are necessary to assure proper installation.

Floor to Ceiling Anchored:

This mounting style is extremely stable and durable as pilasters are anchored into both the concrete floor and the structural ceiling support.

Ultimate Privacy:

ASI Accurate Partitions, an industry leader through innovation offers its Ultimate Privacy design. Doors and panels up to 72″, plus our No-Sight System guarantee privacy. You don’t need to build private rooms to achieve Ultimate Privacy.


Welded Corner:

Corners of panels, pilasters, and doors are welded to each other and to the adjacent face sheets.

Upper Door Bracket:

Internal part of the door. A pin goes through door and bracket for three-point bearing and operates in a nylon bushing in upper hinge bracket.

Bottom Door Hinge:

Gravity-positioning hinge provides safe, durable, and maintenance free support.

Concealed Latch:

With emergency access and ADA level handle.


Made of cellular honeycomb. This type of core provides strong construction and sound attenuation.

Shoe Construction:

One-piece stainless steel, type 304, with #4 satin finish trim shoes are hemmed top and bottom for rigidity and sleek appearance.

Vandal-Resistant Fasteners:

Special driver installs fasteners which virtually eliminates unauthorized removal and ensures easy installation.

Pilaster Mounting:

Pilaster adjustments, with floor­mounted jack­‑leveling device is standard on floor anchored/ overhead braced pilasters.

Ultimate Privacy No-Sight System

Continuous stop and hinge side filler eliminate sightlines into the compartment.

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