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Thrislington Cubicles

Thrislington Cubicles are the finest bathroom partitions available. Enhance your commercial bathroom with elegant and durable cubicle systems from Thrislington. All of our Thrislington toilet cubicles designs are custom built for each individual room.

We have a wide selection of Thrislington cubicles that are made from a range of different materials and finishes to perfectly compliment any commercial bathroom decor.

Some of our most popular cubicle systems:

  • Thrislington Flow Cubicles - full height style cubicle partitions with a stainless steel flush finish and hingeless pivoting auto closing flow doors.
  • Thrislington Ribbon -  Stainless steel floating walls where legs are not visible, with hydraulic bathroom door closer.
  • Oasis by Thrislington - floating wall partition style where legs are not visible, aluminum frame with hydraulic door closer.

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