What Did We Chose...and Why?

What Did We Chose...and Why?

Cherie Doherty4/ 2/21

Prestige Distribution, Inc women's restroom features Scranton Products Aria Series for Beautiful Design that's Built to Last

Scranton Products Aria Partitions offer extreme privacy, many design choices, and innovative design features that move restrooms into the future. 

Aria partitions aim to eliminate the invasive sightlines and provide a secure setting for a bathroom experience.  With continuous edge mounted hinges and floor mounted side panels the result is an enclosed partition where you can comfortably use the restroom.
Made of HDPE plastic they have a refined appearance that can be customized with seven different panel designs, seventeen door designs, and twenty-seven colors and textures.  No more bland and uninspired bathrooms design with the endless combinations available. 
These partitions are highly durable and can stand up to the elements.  Because these partitions are made from solid plastic, they won't absorb moisture or sprout any mold.  Being impact-resistant they won't crack or break after a hit or two and only require light cleaning.  

 When you expect more-these partitions deliver and that's why they were our pick!