Prevent a Fun Ride From Turning into Finding a Way Home

Prevent a Fun Ride From Turning into Finding a Way Home

Cherie Doherty4/23/21

Saris Public Work Stand

I remember when my dad bought a bike as a way to deal with anticipated fuel shortages in the 1970's.  For as shocked as I was that he could even ride a bike it was no surprise that his resolve to bike to work wore off fairly quickly.  From fuel crisis to health crisis, it became my turn to prove my cycling skills when Covid forced the lockdown and I needed to just "get out".  Although our motivation was different, my dad and I shared the reality that bikes occasionally have breakdowns.  And maybe we shared the same resolve!

The Saris Public Work Stand puts the tools where the people need them – on the trails, near the streets and in the bike rooms. With nine common bicycle tools permanently tethered to a bike holder and designed to be placed either inside or outside, the Public Work Stand will meet the spur-of-the-moment maintenance and repair needs that keep riders on their ride.

Looking for a Boy Scout Eagle Project?  Consider installing a Saris Work Station in your community.