Matt Forte Helps Install New Baby Changing Station

Adi Klinghofer2/19/20

The state of Illinois passed new legislation early last year that will require that most men's and women's restrooms open to the public have baby changing stations for parents to utilize.

Helping spread awareness for this new law, former Chicago Bears player Matt Forte helped install changing tables in the men's restroom at the Maggie Daley Park Field House. Before this, the parks field house only had a changing table in the women's restrooms.
Maggie Daley Park Field
"You need changing tables for both women's and men's bathrooms," Forte said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. "Us dads, yes, we do change diapers, and before having kids, I just thought all bathrooms had them." referring to baby changing stations.
Matt F Changing Station
Forte told a story when he struggled to find a changing station in a men's restroom and found it frustrating as all you want to do is keep your child comfortable.  But Forte is not the only one who has had this problem. Many other Illinois parents struggle to find restrooms that provide a changing station and are excited to see change across the state.

As of this February, the people of Illinois should be able to see the direct changes from this legislation.