A Healthy Habit Learned From Covid-19

A Healthy Habit Learned From Covid-19

Cherie Doherty2/26/21

Prestige Distribution, Inc recommends Sani-Spire

They say it takes an average of 66 days before a new habit becomes automatic.  Covid-19 has provided that timeframe and more for everyone to make an automatic habit of hand washing and sanitizing.  The good news is that's a healthy habit we've learned to keep and one we will want to keep permanently.  

 As the world looks towards re-opening its time to think about the new places where hand washing is not an option and where hand sanitizers may be needed.  A great dispenser that's touchless and perfect for any location is the Sani-Spire.  Its powder coated steel construction makes it durable and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  It's simple and sanitary design requires no batteries or electricity to operate.  With a free-standing design it can be put anywhere and is easy to move.  The 36-inch height is ideal for all ages.  A locking cap makes it safe and secure.  The Sani-Spire hand sanitizer dispenser can be refilled with any hand sanitizer on the market.  Sani-Spire is available at-